About Us

What is InOrOut?

With today’s myriad of online event & invitation websites, even the most experienced user can be overwhelmed with complicated user interfaces, too much functionality and a mountain of invitation designs.  We thought, why not create a website that gets to the point of the online invitation process without all the complication?  Inorout.com asks the simple question; are you in or are you out?

This free service simplifies the already familiar online invitation process.  We are also one of the first on the web to offer the much needed recurring event or activity.  Our website was designed with the user experience as the highest priority.  We hope our users will find the process of scheduling a one time or recurring event both simple and painless.

Here are some of the ways InOrOut.com can make your life easier

  • Simplified process of a cookout, party or other one time event/activity.
  • Schedule a recurring event or activity
  • Easily import contacts from your favorite email service
  • Stop receiving all the “Reply to All” emails for your recurring events/activies
  • And much much more

Why did we create InOrOut?

InOrOut was founded in 2011 by Tom Blanchard, an avid soccer and basketball player that had grown tired of all the tedious correspondences involved with his weekly sports games.  Every week, Tom received a series of Reply To All emails from the members for each of his weekly games.  His inbox would be inundated by these response emails typically saying “In”, “Out” or “Maybe”.  A computer science graduate from the University of North Carolina, Tom knew there must be a website that automates this process, eliminating all these unnecessary emails and also allowing for easier communication amongst the group.  When he found out no such website existed, he decided to create it.

Tom learned the importance of the user experience by starting an IT consulting company, Sterling Technology Solutions, in 2003.  Sterling focused on supporting end users, actual people, that often couldn’t understand computers.  InOrOut was designed with many of those end users in mind.  The site was specifically created to be as simple and user-friendly as possible while also providing helpful advanced features.

We hope you enjoy the site and that it makes your life a little easier.  We would enjoy hearing your suggestions on how to make the site better.    Please feel free to contact us anytime with feedback at feedback@inorout.com.